Friday, January 28, 2011

It's the Weekend

I've been busy. Could you tell? Tonight I had a date with three little ones. They were pretty good, although George is really become a full-fledged two-year old. Pretty damn annoying. I've finally got them in bed, Chuck is at a business dinner, Rosie is packing for her week-long ski trip, and I'm organizing the Fat Olympics and watching Stranger Than Fiction with a glass of wine. It's absolutely wonderful!

I hope to have some cute pics to share soon, but for now, I'm trying to just breathe.

Hope you all have fantastically perfect weekend!


Mom said...

Did George stay in bed?

Theresa said...

No. He crawled out and was asleep on the floor at the door when I went up to bed.

Stephanie said...

Fat Olympics? Please explain.