Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tortilla Soup - Yum!

Okay, I don't normally post recipes, because well, I don't normally cook. But . . . I made some tortilla soup from this recipe on my friend's blog (Summer Dish) and it was DELISH! I thought it might be too much tomato, but it was perfect - not even too spicy at all! I had two bowls of it last night and I'm having another hearty serving for lunch today, and there's still plenty to go around! So, I've posted the recipe here from Summer's blog and I hope you'll go visit her adorable blog. One of her THREE sons plays soccer with Luke so we've been lucky to get to know her and her family.

Also, here are some precious pics of my littlest one. I think he looks like he's in a commercial for Activia. Enjoy!

Unfortunately, all he ate was the hotdog. *sigh*


Angie said...

At first glance that looks like a ton of ingredients but I love that they're "normal people" stuff and I have almost all of them in my pantry

Summer Jones said...

I love that you made it! That warms my heart that you liked it!

Lisa said...

Mark only eats the inside of the hotdog and somehow leaves the casing.....eeeewww, LOL!

I may have to try this recipe, I have been looking for a good easy tortilla soup!!

Theresa said...

It really does have a lot of ingredients, but they are EASY ingredients. I think the hardest part was mincing the garlic. I really enjoyed it a lot!

Angela said...

I just love that little face!