Monday, January 31, 2011

Moxie Girls: Evie and Brooke

Evie was invited to her friend Brooke's birthday this weekend. Brooke is Evie's friend from soccer and they get along so well! Evie was so excited about the birthday party that she kept asking when it would be time to go. The party didn't start until 2:00 on Saturday, but Evie was ready to go at 8:00 a.m. While Evie counted the hours and minutes until the party, Chuck ran to Target to pick up a gift for Brooke. He brought home two Moxie Girlz (just little barbie-sized dolls) and asked me to wrap them. I pulled the dolls out of the bag in front of Evie and said, "Awwweee! That's so sweet! You got girls that look like Evie and Brooke!"

I laid these two dolls (in the packages, of course) on the table while I pulled out the gift bag and tissue paper. Evie came over to inspect the gift and asked, "Which one do I look like, Mommy?"

I lifted my eyebrows and smiled before I let out a defeated sigh . . . at least she's pretty.


Angela said...

But I love that she doesn't see the difference - that she doesn't see the color or anything.

Theresa said...

I know!!! Isn't it fantastic?

theresa said...

WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING!!! I'm so glad you're doing this. When my boys were little and would say the "darndest things" I thought I'd never forget those moments. I did.

Theresa C.

Mom said...

I love that she doesn't see any difference between Brooke and herself. She is so sweet.