Monday, January 31, 2011

Luke is Cute

Apparently, Luke was quite sad to know that George is getting a lot of face time on the Professional Mother blog simply because George is really cute right now. Luke asked Chuck to tell me that he is cute too and is worthy of being on the blog. He told Chuck to tell me that I should take a picture of Luke when he first goes to sleep because he is really cute then, but he's not as cute when he wakes up.

Every night before bed, Chuck and I kiss our sleeping babies on the head before we go to bed. They are always adorable. Always. But, every time I try to capture a picture of them sleeping, the picture never turns out. As we kissed Luke's head last night, Chuck conveyed Luke's message. After sighing and rolling my eyes, I pulled out my iPhone, flipped on the light (Luke was whipped so he kept sleeping), and I took this very adorable picture of my first-born baby.

I love him so much.


Angela said...

Luke is very handsome!

Mom said...

I love it. I bet he is really missing the other two.

Lisa said...

awwwww, so sweet. I can only sneak in and check on markey....Zach wakes up every time he hears a noise. I was so sad when I had to stop doing that!

Angie said...

yep...he IS cute. :) good job!

P.S. I love how that whole conversation went. Kids are so funny.

Theresa said...

Luke repeated those instructions to me last night, so I pulled up the blog and showed him the post. He was impressed with me. We then spent the next half hour looking at pictures of himself on the blog. Not sure where the vanity came from.