Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Name Shall I Give Thee? Awe, just call me "Fattie"

I've decided to start/organize a biggest loser contest. If you want to join in, the entry fee will probably be around $25 or $30. It will begin February 1 and run for SIX weeks. At the end of six weeks, the winner will be whoever lost the most percentage of weight.

Possible names:

Beach Blanket Biggies

Bet Your A$$

Weighting it Out

Or any other clever suggestions you may have for the contest.

Let me know if you're interested by contacting me at (and here's where I reveal my last name as if all of you didn't already know): theberends at msn dot com.


Angie said...

What about...
I like big blogs
I'm phat
Sweatin' like the Oldies
Take This Fat and Shove it
Kiss My A$$ (Good-bye)
This A$$ Was Made for Walkin' I dating myself with these suggestions or what? yikes!

Theresa said...

Well . . . only with the Sweatin' Like the Oldies reference. I'm going to have to nix that one. I just can't put myself in the same frame as Richard Simmons. I'm pretty sure that would be a de-motivator.

Theresa said...

Name by Chuck: The Fat Olympics