Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Close your eyes! They're kissing!

Chuck and I hugged yesterday evening when he got home from work. I just happened to be close to the front door when he walked in and we automatically gave each other a hug. It was lovely, but it lasted only about 15 seconds before a indignant and amused voice piped up from behind me to say, "I have one thing to say --- why am I looking at this?!" Luke was highly amused and I admit that Chuck and I are still laughing about it because there was nothing inappropriate about our hug - no wayward hands or anything. It may not sound funny in the re-telling, but it really was funny hearing Luke's tone of voice.

Luke has turned very anti-affection - at least when it comes to romantic affection. Hugs with mom are still okay and even snuggling as you see here.

This is a picture of us snuggled on the couch this weekend for a bit of mommy-son quality time during which we watched Star Wars Episode II (his choice). He insisted that we close our eyes every time Anakin kissed Padme. This is the movie where they fall in love, so for a while every other episode is a scene where they are kissing.

Rolling in the grass.

Or kissing.

Almost kissing.

Or her kissing him.

Or getting married and kissing.

I mean, they even advertised this entire movie with a picture of them kissing!

Seriously, what does this have to do with the title of the movie, "Attack of the Clones"? I asked him why he picked the episode with the most kissing in it and he answered, "I did that for you, mom."

"Oh, and I appreciate it very much, Luke. There's nothing I like better than watching romance with my 7-year old son." Whoa. This kid is making me laugh these days.

P.S. After all of this, I realize that there is only one picture where their lips are actually touching, but trust me, they consummated every almost kiss you see here.


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