Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rosie's Farewell

Rosie leaves for home on Saturday. I can't believe she's been with us for a year. She is so good to the kids, so loving and sweet. We wish her all the best on her next au pair adventure in Sydney, Australia. Isn't that amazing?! The kids have been giving her extra love this week and I'm glad that Grandma will be here to serve as a bit of a distraction when she leaves this weekend. At the very least, we know we will be able to talk to her on Skype. One year with our family, and you're automatically a friend forever. Tomorrow night we're taking her out to her favorite restaurant -- Babe's -- to say farewell.

At the Texas A&M Game

With her BFF, Lotta

With Georgie

With Evie

Dressing her soccer team

With Walter

With Georgie

At a Cowboys Game

Swimming with Evie

Bowling with George

At the Stockyards

At the State Fair of Texas

And her favorite thing -- shopping!

We'll miss her, but we wish her all the best!


Lisa said...

looks like its been a fun year! :)

Angie said...

Wow! Both parties (your family and Rosie) are so lucky to have met each other. You've been such blessings to each other! :)