Wednesday, July 20, 2011

She's Back!

My sweet Evie spent the last 9 days with Chuck's parents in Arkansas with one of her cousins. She had a really fun time and wasn't homesick at all! Yay Evie! She's come so far since last year when she cried every time we left her in a new place or she started a new class. It's so great!

I was so excited to have her back, but only thought to snap this picture while we were getting ready for bed last night. To top it off, I swear she grew while she was gone and her loose tooth is ready to fall out! I've told her that she better get it out before Grandma gets here tomorrow because Grandma has a fetish about pulling teeth. It's crazy and bazaar.

While Evie was gone, I had just the boys around and it was fun to watch George do everything Luke was doing. My sweet, sweet boys!

Reading at the bookstore. George picked out his favorite - Goodnight Moon.

Getting their hair cut.

I seriously love this picture.

Playing in the backyard.

I'm so glad my kids have been reunited. I love having them all together!


Mom said...

Love the pictures and can't wait to see them.

The Potters said...

Yea Evie!! And omg I love that picture of George too!

Lisa said...

so sweet pictures!!

Angie said...

That picture of the little guy cracks me up...ha!
Your kids seem to be having a great lucky they are to have such fun parents and friends and relatives. :)

Angela said...

That picture of George is PRICELESS!!! Love that boy!