Friday, July 22, 2011

Planking to Owling to . . .

Apparently, Planking (which I wrote about here) is now passé. The fad that has followed Planking is called Owling (thanks to my 10-year old niece for informing me). CNN even wrote an article about Owling. And here are some examples.

This is my friend Zach owling on his roof.

Unfortunately, Owling is already a fad of the past and has been replaced by Leisure Diving, and it is by far my favorite of the stupid social media activities. Here are some pictures from the Leisure Diving Website. This is pure greatness and I thank my friend Zach (seen owling above) for introducing me to Leisure Diving.

Zach is planning his leisure dive for this weekend, but has to get a camera with a fast shutter speed to get it done. I'm planning mine too, but will have to borrow Zach's camera. Wow, I love stupid. One of my favorite quotes from the FAQ section of the Leisure Diving website is:

Q : Is this as stupid as it sounds?

Yes, perhaps more. We’re very excited about it.

I seriously need to know these people. Awesome!


Clarissa said...

Well, I guess I love stupid too, because I think this is hilarious! I'm glad owling is out because I don't think I could crouch like that for too long.

Angie said...

I would like to try this leisure diving thing. Doesn't that look like so much fun!? And plus, it would feel sooooo good on a hot day. And...just think of what comes next....a nice fruity drink or cold beer by the pool. nice.