Sunday, July 10, 2011

Let's drink a lot

Luke, "Mom. I got an idea. How bout we drink a lot so we don't get dehydrated?"

Me (exhaling after the dehydrated explanation because all I heard was "how bout we drink a lot"), "Um. Okay."

Luke, "How many glasses do you want?"

Me, "I'll start with one."

Luke, "Just one?"

Me, "Uh . . . I guess I'll take three?"

Luke, "Okay!"

Later, he brought out four cups. Three for me. One for him.

And, yes, I love the Great Outdoors.


Angie said...

So freakin funny! Did you drink all of that? And what was in those cups anyway?
I love his smile as he gazes at the cups in adoration of his great idea. And of course George is cute....he's always cute.

Theresa said...

Just water. I drank two. The other two sipped on the other glasses. I needed it, but damn I had to pee a lot last night!

Angela said...

I can't believe how mature Luke looks in this picture. He looks like he has really grown up over this summer!