Wednesday, August 31, 2011

30 Day Challenge

After yesterday's post, it was not a difficult decision to take part in the 30 Day Challenge going on over at Adventures of Z-Man and Mark. So, I'm keeping track of my progress and hoping that I can drop some of the pounds that are contributing to my pregnant appearance.

I could really use your support during this time, so if you have a chance, please send me messages that say things like:

Put down the doughnut!


NO CHIPS, you fatass!!


That pizza will make your arms even fatter than they are!

You know . . . inspirational messages that that are really going to get my attention. As a real motivator, I'm considering posting pictures and stats, but I'm not committing to that quite yet. Anyone have any other idea as to how to keep me accountable?


Lisa said...

omg, the fatass comment actually made me laugh out loud!! I will try to encourage you if you will for me! I am hoping to get have a good month or so in order to get some more weight off before the holidays get started so I can enjoy them!! :)

Thanks for joining, friend!

And if I haven't said it enough, I love your posts, they always make me laugh!

Theresa said...

I'm so glad to hear it! I'm in! I ate at a vegan restaurant for lunch and I always eat too much because I assume that anything that is Vegan is healthy. Stupid Theresa.

Anonymous said...

hey Tree, best advise is just to write down what you eat and to make healthier choices than you normally do. If most of the time you get the full fat carmel machiatto, then try switching to the nonfat latte with sweet and low and cinnamon. Not a total denial, just a "healthier" choice. If you do it consistently and occassionally splurge, you should succeed. (Yeah, I know, easy for me to say... but I've kept off the 15 lbs that I lost in January.) Love ya', and keep it up. Your sis, CAB

Anonymous said...

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