Monday, August 1, 2011

She finally lost it!

While swimming this weekend, Evie announced, "I want to be a mermaid . . . with wings . . . and water powers!"

Um, okay.

As for my little winged mermaid, she lost her tooth this weekend . . . finally!

She agreed to let Daddy pull it. I sort of insisted that it had to be pulled before we could go to the playground that evening at Central Market. I said, "It has to come out before we leave." And so, with a little loving help from Chucky Love, the tooth was removed with little fan fare.

She was very excited once it was done. This little tooth fetched a whole $2.00 from the wondrous Tooth Fairy.

Evie was quite pleased and very brave.

Speaking of bravery, Rosie got her second tattoo before heading to Australia for her second stint as an au pair! She's so brave!

I don't think I would ever choose this location because I would want to look at it all the time!

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