Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Adopted Panther Pride

Do you guys remember how Luke got to adopt a football player named Big Chocolate last year? You can read about it here and here. It's all about allowing younger students that feed into the local high school to adopt a football player. We had this great kid last year named Dominique (whose nicknames were Big Chocolate/Sexy Chocolate/Blindside), I still keep in touch with him and his mother on Facebook. He is currently playing football at the University of Dubuque. (Angie - you need to go see him play for me!). He's such a great kid. So kind and polite and sweet to Luke!

Anyhow, we enjoyed it last year so we're doing it again. This year Luke adopted Ben. Here is his picture from the Roster.

And here is his picture with Luke.
(The sun was bright behind me)

We didn't get to stay for the whole thing last night, because I had yet another meeting to attend last night. Still, we plan to attend the games and support all our football players. I love high school football and it is so much better when you can cheer for someone on the team.

While we were waiting to meet Ben, the kids conned me into getting them a SnoCone and hotdogs.


Evie doesn't like snocones or popcicles so she threw hers away.

Hot dogs

Sadly, some cheerleaders, watched in horror as George dropped his hotdog on the sidewalk and then picked it up and finished it off.

I thought one of them may have even gagged a little. I looked up at the sound of several high-pitched, "eeews." I shrugged my shoulders, looked down at George, looked back at the cheerleaders and said, "Don't judge." Their coach--clearly a fellow mother--nodded her head in agreement with me.

Here are said cheerleaders with George in the background.

Looking forward to a fun season!


Mom said...

So awesome for the kids to support the team. Love the pictures.

Colt said...

1. George is adorable and 5 second rule trumps snooty cheerleaders

2. All of them Cheerleaders are fat and ugly< my expert opinion based on the available pictures

3. I wanna see mah godson so if it isn't too much to ask come to Houston soon.

Theresa said...

I'll see what I can do Colt, but our weekends are filled with soccer and sunday school.