Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Tooth Fairy is BUSY!

I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it. It just happened so fast! (Sounds like it's something really monumental, right? - Well, sorry to mislead you.) But it's just such a shock! Evie lost another tooth yesterday! Yes, just a couple days after the loss of her first tooth. The other front tooth was a little loose, but not that loose last time I checked. Nonetheless, it fell out . . . on its own . . . with out any tugging! Amazing!

So, here's the ragamuffin with two teeth missing. I took this first picture, but you can't see her missing teeth.

I told her to smile bigger so I could see the missing teeth, and this is what happened.

Didn't want to spring that picture on you without a little warning. The focus is supposed to be on her missing teeth, but all I can see are crazy eyes when I look at this photo.

So now Evie has proclaimed that she and Luke are twins because they are missing the same teeth. (Luke's teeth are coming in already though and he has no sign of any other loose teeth).

George has also jumped on this bandwagon and declares to anyone that will listen that he has a loose tooth too.

Not quite, sweet boy.


Angela said...

Don't you wish you could get that excited over losing a tooth? Ahhh, to be young again.

No, no letting George grow up too soon!! I am enjoying his childhood!

Mom said...

Love the pictures. Way to go, Evie. She may have lost the teeth after Luke, but she is much younger than Luke. Put one up for Evie.

Amber said...

While in Tennesse, we got our picture taken at an old time photography place and when they asked Alexa to smile bigger, her eyes got really big and crazy. They're gonna put the picture in a picture frame and show people that that is the "deer in headlights" look :)

Angie said...

I feel like those photos should be hang up during their high school grad parties so that all of their friends can see them...and laugh (just like I did...sorry). :)

Bobby Schaeffer said...

Kids are so cute, especially when they're toothless. Milk teeth do fall off inadvertently sometimes, and some people do get surprised when that happens. But actually, I found myself staring at Evie's funny eyes rather than her teeth. :D Her eyes are so captivating!

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