Monday, August 22, 2011

Crazy Eyes Don't Lie!

Those crazy eyes prove that Kindergarten was a hit!

Yay Evie!

And, I want to add that my au pairs have been absolutely wonderful. They are cheering Evie on today and that means so much to us! You guys are wonderful! Thank you Rosie (who is cheering us on from Australia) and Lindsey (who generously gave us two more months of her life out of the kindness of her heart). Blessings abound.


Lisa said...

She is a cutie! And I love her smurf lunchbox!! :)

Chuckyluv said...

Ha! That's funny because the kids have decided to start referring to toots as "smurfs". So the new thing you hear declared at the house more often than anything else is:

"Excuse me. I smurfed."