Monday, August 22, 2011

Bleepity Bleep! I'm old!

So it started today!
My little, precious baby girl started kindergarten today.
Good God, I'm old. When did all this happen?

From this.

To this.

And this.

To this.

Friday afternoon we picked up school supplies and bought school uniforms. They were in pretty good spirits.

Saturday morning, we went to a Kindergarten Popsicle Social at the park across from the school. I insisted that Evie go it alone so she could really meet other students. She was ridiculously shy and hid her face in my stomach most of the time. She played a little bit though. (Yes, she wore the same dress both days. I never said I was a good mom.)

Sunday, I spent the entire afternoon and part of the evening at parent-teacher meetings and then I had to go purchase some last-minute school stuff, such as shorts for under Evie's dresses and other obvious things that just slipped my mind.

This morning they rolled out of bed and reluctantly got dressed, although I think they were actually pretty excited.

They posed for pictures in front of the house and then climbed into the minivan and chatted all the way to school. (By the way, a mom at the school tried to convince me to buy a bigger bow than this. Apparently big bows are all the rage right now. I'm actually not sure how she's holding her head up under the weight of this bow.)

We walked approximately half a mile from our parking spot at the school to their classrooms. (I'm not exaggerating here.) As we made our way into the school, Evie kept asking, "What am I going to do in Kindergarten?" I'm not sure what kind of specifics she was looking for, but I insisted, "You're going to have fun! Look at how excited everyone is to get to school. That's because it is so much fun!" Another parent that was walking in front of me, turned around and gave me a look that said, "Nice lie, Mom." I winked and said slowly as I nodded my head, "It's going to be so, so much fun! You'll love it." She appeared unconvinced.

And the big smile she had from in front of our house was replaced with this look of apprehension in front of her classroom.

She looks like she just got arrested. I will have to compare this picture to her first mug shot. (Oh God help me if she ever has a mug shot!) She whispered to me, "I'm scared, Mom." I said, "You'll be great, baby. No need to be scared." Then I pushed her gently into her room and called, "I love you!" before taking off down the hall with Luke in tow.

Then I dropped Luke off in his classroom. He was less apprehensive, but still a little nervous. I'm sure he'll be in full swing by the end of the day, but he sure looked pissed about actually getting into his classroom.

So, I'm proud to report that there were no tears at our house today - from me, or from the kids. I guess it's possible that Evie cried after I pushed her into her room, but I'm hoping that she had a stiff upper lip.

I'm so blessed to have such wonderful children!


Clarissa said...

Caroline started K today, too. How can that be? I remember at daycare when we would come at lunch to nurse our babies. And now they are in kindergarten! I am old.

I hope Evie (and Luke) had a good first day! I bet she'll decide that kindergarten IS fun!

Liz R. said...

OMG, I loved the last pics of the kids ..... mug shot, that's really funny! I was going to say that bow is larger than her head missy, but she does look adorable!!!! I can't possibly imagine a large one though ..... times does fly, doesn't it, wait until they're almost 30 and 27 (my babies)....

Theresa said...

@ Clarissa - I know! It's amazing. I hope K did well.

@ Liz - those pictures have been cracking me up all day. I'm glad they got passed that and had fun. I can't believe that Evie was 4 months old when we met. It's simply amazing.