Friday, August 20, 2010

Big Chocolate & Little Chocolate

Lots of Pictures in this Post!

First, let me state that my kid is a weenie. Ugh! We got there and all he could do was hide behind my legs. He wouldn't say hi or anything. He finally started to say hello after I threatened to take away his Star Wars shoes that I just bought him. I don't feel guilty at all for threatening him because he was being a rude little stinker. Once he said hello and started talking to Big Chocolate (whose name is Dominique), things got a little better.

Luke got Dominique's number on his hand so Dominique could find him. He looks thrilled, right?

Number 70

Number 70

Dominique is huge. Without a doubt. He's a very big guy and so super sweet. We started to break Luke's shell when I told Luke to tell D what grade he was in. Luke said "First." into the back of my legs. I asked Luke, "What grade do you think D is in?" Luke answered, "Seventh?"

Me, "Seventh?!" D laughed and all the other football players around laughed. "I think he's probably not in seventh grade.
Let's ask him what grade he's in."

Turns out he's in 12th. Luke was blown away! D was super sweet to Luke, even though Luke was struggling to put aside his shy nature. We pretty much got there. I hope Luke will be more comfortable next time.

Dominique broke the ice by picking up Luke.

Dominique is a University of Texas Fan.
Luke is a die-hard Texas A&M fan.

Luke, being a stinker, got a talking to.

I brought along my 15-year old niece and my 19-year old au pair to draw attention to ourselves. Well done me.
They were so patient.

Dominique got a panther paw on his arm.
Luke declined.

Luke's favorite friend Matthew was there too.

Luke ran around with Dominique.
What a patient guy.

We finally went to the stands to watch the events.

This was Meet the Team night, which is actually meet the band, the band director, the varsity cheerleaders, the JV cheerleaders, the freshman cheerleaders, the cheerleader coach, the freshman football players, the JV football players, the coaches, the trainers, the mascot, the assistant coaches, and then . . . finally . . . the varsity football players. Holy crap!

Luke and Big Chocolate walked out onto the field (at last) through a big blown up Panther head and they got, without a doubt, the biggest cheers. Big Chocolate is definitely the favorite player.

I keep suggesting that we should call Luke "Little Chocolate" but he insists that he doesn't look like chocolate. I personally think he looks like white chocolate, but he won't have it. I think it's cute.

So, that's it. A somewhat successful Meet the Team Night.
It was pretty fun!


Angie said...

This entire thing (the post and the program) is so cute.

I love football but we can't hold a candle to how big high school football is in Texas. We should do this in our community!

Theresa said...

Angie, I was actually a little surprised that there weren't more people in the stands. Of course, I don't really know how good our team is. I'll have to do some research.

Angela said...

Okay, I have to say that all of your kids are adorable.

Now that I've affirmed that - LOOK at how cute George is in his little shorts and shirt!! I just want to pick him up and hug him!!!

Theresa said...

Angela, you are so funny! Yes, George is at a super adorable age. I promise it will wear off when he gets older, so eat it up now!

lisawitt said...

looks like so much fun and that luke warmed up some too! and i declare, george is SUCH a cutie! Love his hair, reminds me of my markey's little curls!

Michael Busby said...

Angela, you are so funny! Yes, George is at a super adorable age. I promise it will wear off when he gets older, so eat it up now!