Friday, August 6, 2010

Monday & Pillow War *Revised*

This is for George's adoring fans out there.

I taught this to him on Monday, but he keeps saying it. And his little voice is so damn adorable!

Sorry it is difficult to hear. I'll try to get better video of the little munchkin this weekend. You can hear the other kids playing in the background too.

George is sitting in Luke's bed. He loves climbing into the big kids' beds whenever he can. I think he's ready to move out of his crib. We're thinking about getting bunkbeds for the older kids and putting George in a trundle in their room. He LOVES being in with the big kids and he's almost getting to the point where he can hold his own. He even participated in our family pillow fight last night.

Yes, I said "family pillow fight." Yeah, I know, it's like we're all six years old. But trust me, there was great concern about knocking over our champagne glasses while we engaged in pillow combat on Champagne Thursday. Luke was very disappointed when we called an end to the pillow wars, but he's already planning for Pillow War 2. I'm certain that Rosie watched us with absolute shock and dismay, but all I could say was "Welcome to our family."

ANGELA - How many people do you think would wear this?


Angela said...

We should get T-Shirts that say, Georgie's Girl or something like that.

Theresa said...

That would be super cute! I think we would be the only two wearing them.

Lindsey said...

You can definately count me in for one of the Georgie shirts, I would love it! But I think White on pink would work better! Mine could say "I love Ginge!"

Angela said...

I would love to wear one!! I would totally do it!! :D