Tuesday, August 24, 2010

News with Me (kinda boring)

Yesterday was our 13th wedding anniversary. It was wonderful! Absolutely wonderful. I think it was one of our best anniversaries in several years. We often have bad luck when we go out to celebrate. For example, I feel sick, or the food is bad, or I eat too much, or whatever. Last night, was absolutely delightful. Plus, I'm enjoying this spectacular flower arrangement all week at work.

In other news, my mother and two nieces have been staying with us since Thursday to help out with the kids and to visit, which is great, but makes for a full household especially after the air conditioning unit that cools my room and George's room went out Friday night. It is approximately 95 degrees in those two rooms. The rest of the house is on another a/c unit - thank Heaven. Therefore, Chuck and I have been sleeping on our couches in the living room. George slept in Luke and Evie's room with my mom and two nieces, and Luke and Evie slept in sleeping bags on the floor. It's been crazy. I try to only go in my bedroom to shower, brush my teeth and grab clothes. It's ridiculously hot. For the past few days I've slept on the couches and thought how peculiar my life is. *sigh* The a/c should be fixed today and the family left this morning, so the house should be back to normal. It was nice having them here, but the broken a/c unit threw a kink in my plans.

In other good news, a cold front is blowing through and dropping the temperature into the high 80s for today. For the past 24 days we have had 23 days of temperatures over 100 degrees. Disgusting. We are all so happy to have a break from the unbearable heat.


The Potters said...

Happy happy 13th anniversary!

Theresa said...

Thank you!

lisawitt said...

Happy 13th anniversary, thats an awesome thing these days! :) Chucky Love did a good job on the flowers too!

OMG, i felt for you on the a/c. Our power went out a few weeks back for about 10 hours and it was AWFUL! Hope the cool air is back on soon! :)