Monday, August 23, 2010

First Grade

Luke started first grade today. He was a little nervous when I dropped him off, but I love his teacher already and I only just met her yesterday. I'm looking forward to a full and productive year.

He doesn't like taking pictures.

Everyone should know Luke's collegiate affiliation.

The sun is freakin' bright and hot.
The high is 105 degrees today.

Look at how huge his backpack is!

There are two kids named Luke and one kid named
Lucas in his class. Ridiculous!

Luke's teacher.
This is her 30th year as a teacher.

Oh my God, my son is in first grade.


Anonymous said...

Correction: "One of your sons is in first grade."

As they say, hang on to your hat.

Oh, by the way, Happy Anniversary!


Theresa said...

Thanks man. Loving the flowers.

The Potters said...

That's such a huge deal! You have a first grader!! And happy anniversary! :)

Joan said...

I love the Popeye face that Luke makes!
Happy Anniversary!!!!