Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School Is Starting Soon.

So, it's that time of year again - time for yellow pencils, crayons, glue, construction paper, new backpacks and lunchboxes, ruled paper, fresh new clothes and haircuts. Yes, it's time to go back to school. I had to "register" Luke for first grade today. FIRST GRADE! Aack! I can't believe it, but I'm honestly glad I'm no longer a virgin Kindergarten mom because that sucked. I felt like an idiot almost the entire year because I didn't know what was going on most of the time, and to top it off, I really hated getting in trouble with the Crossing Guard Nazi and the Criminal District Attorney. Here's to a trouble-free year, starting in two short weeks.

Anyhow, I showed up at the school today - the designated registration day for returning students, thank you very much. I'm so proud that I didn't miss registration like I did for kindergarten. And to my surprise, I had to fill out the same damn paperwork I filled out last year - all of it. I have to bring Luke's birth certificate, social security card, our water bill, and his immunizations. First, the info on Luke's birth certificate did not change and I promise it won't change because we are not going to try birthing him again. Second, the social security card did not change either. Third, my water bill, are people really that desperate to get into our public school that you need to confirm my address with my water bill? Ugh. As for immunizations, well, I guess I get it. Oh, they also needed a copy of my driver's license AND my insurance information. Seems like overkill to me, but whatever.

Still, I spent 40 minutes during lunch filling out the same paperwork that I filled out last year. And as if that isn't bad enough, I would swear that I put the same information on all the pieces of paper. Am I missing something? Couldn't they just put all the info on one form and make copies? Call me crazy.

Also, I do not remember my mom having to register me for school every year. Perhaps I was just oblivious to her efforts - which is quite likely - but surely she would have bitched about it the same way I do, right? Okay, maybe not. Maybe she was used to the craziness of it all by the time I came around as the sixth kid.

So, here's all the paperwork I filled out.

Now, I just need to get new backpacks, lunchboxes, and new school uniforms.

Are you ready for school?


Anonymous said...

You should make photocopies and try to turn in the same packet next year.

Theresa said...

What smart-ass came up with that idea? You're my kind of people - no need to remain anonymous - unless you're Chucky Love.

Joan said...

Sound like your school or school district is a bit paranoid. I have never has to RE-REGISTER either of my two. But I'll still have to fill out the requisite ICE (in case of emergency) forms that they will both bring home on the first day and forget to give to me. They have been registered only once for each school district they have been in at Richardson and Cy-Fair.

Mom said...

I had to fill out all the paperwork for each kid each year. For Catholic schools, we had to reregister each year. Here in Klein, we just had to send the kids to school and they would sort out the number of kids for each teacher. Yes, the same paperwork each year for each child can be burdensome.

Angela said...

I know, it's crazy. I think we spend about a third of our lives filling out that crap,and with the computer age, it really shouldn't be an issue.

Cowtown Camera Girl said...

Girl!!! Don't you know what neighborhood we live in?!?! Ha! Proof of residency IS a big deal! Your kids (and mine) will be at two of the top elementary schools in FWISD so proof of residency is big. Just take a walk inside a classroom on the east side. You'll see what I mean. But yes, I agree...at least they could save some of the info in the computer to avoid repeat forms each year. Ahhhh...technology in fwisd could definitely be improved. Heading back to work tomorrow in fwisd. Maybe I'll make that suggestion. :0)