Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Movie Quote 68

Oh you dear wonderful people who check my blog each day. Seriously, I'm glad you have nothing better to do, because obviously neither do I. Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday (also known as "Wine Wednesday" at my house).

Chuck has been on a Cat's-in-the-Cradle Trip with his dad since Saturday and just got home late last night. (If you don't know what that means, just check out the lyrics to Harry Chapin's song "Cat's In The Cradle" by clicking here). The kids missed him sooo much and just hugged and snuggled with him this morning - even George and he has been described as a "human torpedo" before.

Rosie and I and the kids stayed up late (9:40 p.m) last night watching this movie. I know that a few of my girlfriends from high school will get this right off because I've heard them singing a song from this movie. So this is for you Alla and Sue. I'll be very disappointed if you don't get it!

It's a brazzle-dazzle day, so throw out the past and everything in it. That's the brazzle-dazzle way.

Oh, and this is a totally obvious quote - not one of those obscure quotes.


Jess said...

This was one of the only movies we had on VHS when we lived in Germany. All I can say is Passamaquoddy! That way I don't give it away all the way.

Theresa said...

Oh you crazy Bowmans know EVERYTHING!

Theresa said...

Also, this movie was WAY longer than I thought it was - over 2 hours!

Joan said...

Pete's Dragon?

Theresa said...

That's it Joan!

Mary said...

Alexa listened to "Like a Candle on the Water" everyday when I was in London and they were in Houston last year. I love that movie!