Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brazilian Butt Lift

Ever heard of the Brazilian Butt Lift? I hadn't either until last night . . .

Last night I flipped over to an infomercial because there was absolutely nothing else on, but more importantly, because I had to find out what kind of show was entitled "Brazilian Butt" and would show up on my television without having to pay for it like porn. I probably should have known not to watch this with the kids in the room, but it was so amusing I don't regret it one bit.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is an exercise system that tones and lifts your butt. The kids loved it and were very proud of their Brazilian Butts, as you can see here.

All three of them got into it before I went to get my camera. Rosie and I were dying on the couch watching them show off their moves. And then Chuck walked in (after an evening meeting) and saw all three of them down on the ground toning their cute little tushies. Adorable! They absolutely crack me up!


JennW said...

LOL! Okay so that made me laugh my american butt off!!!

The Potters said...

Hahaha! Love it!