Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day's Report

I got a phone call from Luke about 10 minutes ago. Here are his highlights:

The cafeteria is huge.

There are three playgrounds. Two yellow and one blue.

I sit between . . . . um . . . my friends. I don't know the names.

My teacher stood with me.

Um, Mom, can I tell you something? I played with these peg things that you make decorations with.

He seemed to love it! He sounded happy and totally cool about going back tomorrow. I asked him how lunch was and he said it was good. I asked him if he might want to buy his lunch some time and he said yes. He said he liked his teacher and had fun with his friends Audrey and Vee. I'm so very happy for him . . . and me!


Mom said...

It sounds like the first was a great success.

Jess said...


Allison said...

It sounds like he had a great first day! I'm glad to hear it :)

Allison said...
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roxy said...

sooo funny!!! i like how impressed he was with the cafeteria.

Theresa said...

it was