Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kids are cute . . . especially when they're asleep!

The kids have taken to sleeping on the floor. What is the fascination? It works out well, because when Grandma visits, she gets one of their beds and the two of them sleep on the floor. The only problem is then trying to get them back in their beds. Therein lies the problem. And I'm too damn lazy to really fight with them about it. They're not hurting me, I guess.
The two of them also like to sleep in their clothes from the day - that stems from Chuck's laziness. And sometimes they ask to "sleep in their tummy" which means sleeping without a shirt on. Absolutely precious, but I have to translate for babysitters before we go out for the evening.


Mom said...

It saves you having to make the beds before showings on the house. They are so precious.

lisawitt said...

so sweet...and i like Rev in the pic too;-) Yall are so red ass!