Monday, August 10, 2009

I can't believe he didn't know.

I was sorting laundry in our laundry room yesterday and as I sat there, Luke decided to join me. At some point he got bored watching me throw our massive amounts of laundry into piles of colors and he started looking at the door where we hang our ironing board. He looked closely at the door then peering around the ironing board. I looked up and said, "Whatcha lookin' at?" It looked like he may have been looking for a bug or a spider. I wouldn't be surprised if a spider had made its home in our unused ironing board since I don't think we've touched the thing in months and months - maybe years. Chuck and I gave up the prospect of ironing and just started having everything sent to the cleaners about 10 years ago. Probably not a financially sound decision, but just the way we are. So, as Luke continued to stare at the door, he ran his hand up the ironing board, looked at me with sincere interest and asked, "Mommy? What is this?" Confused, I started to get up so I could look behind the ironing board, but before I even got to my feet, I realized that Luke wasn't asking about anything behind the ironing board, he was asking about the ironing board itself. I laughed a little to myself and answered, "That's an ironing board, Luke. Just about every house has one. I'm sorry you didn't know what one was until now." Luke, "What does it do?" Me, "You put your clothes on it and use an iron to straighten the wrinkles out of your clothes." Luke, "Why?" Me, "Because most people don't go around with wrinkles in their clothes like we do." He accepted my answer. I shook my head in shame, but don't let that lead you to believe that I will be ironing anytime soon.

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lisawitt said...

hahahaha! that makes me chuckle cause I could see Zach saying the same thing in a couple of years too! :)