Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Rodeo: Trip Number 1

We went to the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo this weekend. It's right down the street from us a couple miles so we'll probably be there two or three times this year. Chuck's already been three times I think for business. It's nowhere near as big as the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo that I grew up with, but it's actually more fun to me because I see people I know there and it is slightly more intimate.

We took the kids this weekend. They dressed up in their "cowboy" clothes and hopped in the car without delay. They even decided to hold hands in the back of the car. Not sure why, but damn, it sure is cute! (And a reminder of days gone by.)

The show was sold out, but we spent several hours shopping and looking at the animals.

Luke at the Rodeo

Evie at the Rodeo

Lindsey at the Rodeo

George at the Rodeo

The kids were TOO excited. Seriously, they loved dressing up as cowboys. They really enjoyed themselves and posed for this picture like "real cowboys" or so they told me.

Here, they were eating peanut butter sandwiches while we shopped.

We also got to see Borden's Elsie.

I took a picture with my favorite Cowboy. (We look good together - except for that surprised look on Tony's face.)

We also held baby goats - precious! (except the one that was eating my hair - guess it looks like straw - I'll need to talk to my hairdresser about that.)

And we walked our feet off, dodging all the animal manure in the streets. All of us slept well that night.


Jess said...

Makes me miss Texas.

Mom said...

Pictures look great. I wish I could have been there with you. It is always fun watching the kids with new experiences. See you tomorrow.