Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The First School Fight

Luke explained to me this morning about how he got in a fight yesterday at school. I was baffled that it hadn't come up last night when I got home, so the shock on my face was evident this morning as I asked him questions. I'm still not sure what the real story is, because some of it seems a little contradictory and suspicious. It started when I noticed a sore looking red spot on the tip of Luke's finger. I asked him how he got it. He responded, "Oh, I got in a fight."

The injury didn't look like the result of a fight so I asked, "What do you mean by, "you got in a fight?"

Luke calmly explained, "Yesterday, my friend Matthew was playing with his friend Judd, but then Matthew wanted to play with me so Judd got mad and I got in a fight with Judd."

Me, "WHAAAT?! You got in a fight?"

Luke nodded his head solemnly.

Me, "Yesterday?!"

Luke nodded again.

Me, "Hold on. Tell me again what happened."

Luke, "I got in a fight with Matthew's friend Judd. Judd put rocks in my mouth . . ." [My mouth fell open] " . . . I climbed up on the monkey bars to get away, but he pulled me down and I landed in the rocks and that is how I hurt my finger." Luke held up his finger and showed me a raw little red spot right on the tip. I squinted as I examined the war wound. It didn't look like it came from falling in the rocks or getting in a fight, but who knows with little kids.

Still in shock, I asked, "Well, what did you do?" The practical part of me was hoping that he didn't fight back, and the other part of me was hoping that he defended himself. Honestly, all I could think was, "God, I hope my kid isn't a wuss."

Luke paused, "I tried to get away, but he kept chasing me."

Me, "That's probably the right thing to do." I relaxed, thinking it was the end of the story.

Luke continued, "Then, Judd punched me." Luke put his left hand up to his left cheek to demonstrate where he had received the punch.

I tensed up again at the thought of someone hitting my little boy. (Notice how he is my "little boy" now and not my "cranky-ass child"). I said, "He punched you?!"

Luke nodded his head and said, "Yeah. We put on a show."

I relaxed again, cocked my head to the side in annoyance, squinted my mom-eyes, and said, "It was a show? As in, it was all pretend?"

Luke, "Yeah mom."

Me, "Ughh. Good heavens. Let's finish getting ready for school."

Here you can see that he is truly unharmed. But he does still have a tender red spot on the tip of his finger, but I have no idea where it came from.

He's obsessed with Kidz Bop. Loves the stuff.


lisawitt said...

Love the new header...and this is what I have to look forward to with boys, eh? ;-)

The Potters said...

Well that was just an unexpected little roller coaster of emotions!

Love your new header!

Theresa said...

Glad you like it. That might be permanent.