Monday, January 4, 2010

Disgusting Smorgasbord

Can anyone explain why dogs enjoy devouring baby diapers filled with poop? Chuck accidentally left a treat-filled diaper in a bag in the kitchen last night (yes, that's disgusting on its own), but then the dog apparently smelled out the treat, pulled it off the counter, ripped open the bag, ripped into the diaper, and made a smorgasbord of the contents. I only gagged a little when I opened the kitchen door this morning to find bits of diaper and dots of baby poop spread about. Instead I was pissed off at the "Fucking Dog" as she is otherwise known. I spent the next twenty minutes trying to contain my seething urge to kick the dog while I picked up each nasty piece of shredded diaper and smashed poop and then disinfected the kitchen floor. Disgusting!


Mary said...

Eeeewwwwwww! I think I would have been mad and gagged a lot!

Jenn W said...

OMG! This is happens to me at least once a week! The last time I hollered at the dog (who was our first baby really) that I had enough and that I was going to send her to the pound--she new it was an empty promise--I totally feel your pain; the other morning both girls pooped their diapers as I was trying to get out the door and then the dog decided to throw up on the carpet almost at the same time--again the threat of the pound--she still is living in our house :)