Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Not From My Side of the Family

It's fucking cold outside. Cold enough to warrant the use of the word "fucking".

On another note, Luke insists that he can do P90X and he asked me to put the video in so he could exercise last night. I said, "No, that's for adults." Luke, "No, Mom. I can do it." Me, "Oh, really? How do you know?" Luke, "When Lindsey did it she did push ups with her feet on a chair and I can do that. Come watch me. I'll show you." Amused, I waited patiently while he dragged in a chair from the other room and got set. Before he could do anything though, he had to put on his headband. (I got this headband with a Cowboys star on it, as a joke from Mrs. Chesapeake for my birthday. I love to goof around with it, but Luke wears it with all seriousness.)

All set with his headband, Luke put his feet up and very impressively executed the push ups in true P90X fashion. I was very impressed.

He hopped up after I praised his push ups and said, "See mom! Now you try it." I groaned, "Do I have to?" Luke, "Yeah, Mom. You try it. Just like I did it." I took a deep breath. I had actually done these push ups with P90X three days before and I was still sore, but I couldn't deny his cuteness. I gradually lowered my sore body down to the ground and propped my feet up on the chair. I tried one push up and collapsed. I gathered myself together and said cheerfully, "Nope, Luke, Mommy can't do it. Sorry." And that was that. I hope he stays that athletic - clearly he didn't get his athleticism from me.


Charles said...

Hmmm... if it wasn't from you, it must have been from...

..That's right. You guessed it. :)

Theresa said...

the mailman?

lisawitt said...

hahaha! you kids are funny!

ok, so, how is ww going? what do you think of it?

and i must ask from a fellow soon to be back to working momma...when do you find it the easiest to actually work out between work, kids, and down time (if there is such a thing!?)

Theresa said...

ww is okay. working out is rough. I have to do it in the morning if I'm going to get it done. So, whenever I successfully attempt to work out, I have to get up at 5 a.m. and hope I'll be done before one of the kids wakes up. Wednesday I got through 50 minutes of the video and then George started crying and I had to ditch the last 8 minutes. Morning is the only way I can get it done, although tonight I'm going to work out in front of the whole family because I was too tired to get up this morning. Good luck. Just try to workout whenever you can, but sometimes that is the last thing you want to do.