Wednesday, January 20, 2010


In our house, the kids fight over playing games on our iPhones. (Are they spoiled? Yes, let's get over it.) So, last night I set the timer on my phone so that each kid could play for five minutes on my games (I have the best games because I'm a great Mom, while Chuck's phone is clearly not as fun as mine). When the timer ended on Evie's turn she got a little whiny and huffed. As usual, I told her "tough it out" and Chuck looked at her from the other couch and said in a resigned voice, "Evie, come here. I've got something for you." She started to get up to go to him and see what he had, but she stopped in mid step, put her hands on her hips, cocked her head to the side, narrowed her eyes, and in her best thirteen-year-old-I-know-everything-and-I'm-indignant-that-you-think-I-don't voice, she said with a bit of disgust and a curl to her lip, "Is it kisses?" She was so put out to think that all she was going to get when she got over to him was kisses. (We're obviously maturing to the point where kisses are not something she's looking forward to anymore. In fact, she only kisses on the cheek now. No kisses on the lips.) So, even though Chuck, Lindsey, and I laughed, Chuck continued, "Just come here." Still skeptical, Evie went over to him. He said, "Closer . . ." She stopped a foot away from the couch. Chuck urged, "Closer . . ." She moved up to stand in front of him and he scooped her up and covered her with kisses.

Yes, Evie, it was just kisses! And wasn't it fun? I don't know why she doesn't trust this face.

Luke wanted a turn too.

So he jumped in with them.

Nothing like having your sister's butt in your face.


Mom said...

Loved it. When I come, they try to make me jealous by giving kisses to everyone but me.

amym said...

I love this story!! I will be sad when Caroline doesn't want to give me kisses or let me kiss her! Caroline is also a HUGE fan of playing games on my iPhone. What are some that you have? The Duck Duck Moose Games are really cool!