Monday, May 24, 2010

Speaking of Chuck Said . . .

Busy. So busy. Luckily, Chuck is still opening his mouth on a daily basis, so there will be more posts on Chuck Said. Enjoy.

And then there's what "Luke Said" - following in his father's footsteps.

The kids spent yesterday evening in the pool, then we cooked burgers and hotdogs. The kids were whipped. Remember that feeling of complete exhaustion after you spent a day outside in the sun and water? It's a good tired. So Luke practically fell asleep sitting on the backyard deck waiting for me to cook his nutritious hotdog and Lays potato chips. (You can all praise my culinary expertise later). I quickly ushered them up to the bathtub so that I could get them into bed.

I had all three in the tub - an accomplishment to be sure. I worked my way down the line -- soap, scrub, wash, rinse, repeat. As I scrubbed Luke, he suddenly whined that I had washed a scrape on his knee. I paused, looked at it for a moment and determine no harm was done. He disagreed and after I moved on to wash Evie's legs, I heard him say firmly with disgust, "Dammit."

Me, "What did you say?"

Luke, "Dammit."

Me, "Don't say that. That's an adult word. Only adults can say it."

Luke, "Why can only adults say 'dammit'?"

I said "dammit" in my head before responding, "Because it is an adult word. Who have you heard say this word?"

He looked at me hesitantly believing this to be a trap, then he said, "Daddy."

Me, "Okay. Who else?"

With even more hesitation, "You?"

Me, "Yes. Who else?"

He shrugged.

Me, "Have you heard any kids say that word?"

Luke, "No."

Me, "See. That's because it's an adult word. So, don't say it."

I felt very proud of my logical argument and I moved back to washing Evie's legs.

Evie looked at me and said, "Mama?"

I smiled at her, "Yes?"

Evie, "I never say 'dammit'."

I cringed and sighed, "That's good."

She looked with disdain upon Luke and said, "I say 'dammit' zero times."

Me, "That's enough."

I finished up her legs and moved on to George and prepared myself for him to accurately and clearly say "dammit" even though he still doesn't call me Mommy. But, it would be my luck, right? Instead he splashed water in my face. I think I would have rather had him say "dammit."


Mom said...

Well, at least she says it zero times.

ashley1996 said...

We think Maggie says, "Oh, shit!". I can't imagine who she gets that from. Also, my nieces and nephews have all said bad words before. In public to say the least.

Mary said...

It could be worse...remember how Teddy used to say Truck?