Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Chuck loaded all the kids in the car Sunday night to drive home from a late evening with friends. As he started toward home, Evie said, "Daddy! Look there are wishing stars in the sky!"

Chuck said, "Yes, Evie. There are."

Evie, "Can we make a wish?"

Chuck, "Of course."

It was quiet for a minute.

Chuck asked her, "What did you wish for, Evie?"

Evie, "I can't tell you, or it won't come true."

Chuck gave a chuckle, "Oh, okay."

About five minutes later Evie quietly asked, "Daddy?"

Chuck, "Yes, sweetheart?"

Evie asked with a sigh, "Why don't wishes ever work?"

Being the sweet dad that he is, Chuck answered with sympathy, "Wishes take time."

My heart frowned when I heard this story. (I was driving home from Houston when this happened, so Chuck had to tell me the story.) What a sweet, precious girl. I truly hope her wishes come true someday day. But I'm guessing that her wishes currently consist of her asking for something like a Barbie or a pizza and she is disappointed when her request doesn't just appear out of thin air. Bless her little heart.

** Forgot to mention that Evie was officially kicked out of swim lessons yesterday. Guess we'll try again next year.**


Mom said...

I have to agree that she is such a precious girl. She has such a sweet heart.

Jess said...

Don't worry about swim lessons...when she is ready it will happen. Nicholas hated his.

The Potters said...

Sweet lil Evie. Sorry she got kicked out of swim class. :( You guys have a pool...why not do private lessons?! Those are really the way to go any way, in my opinion. I grew up taking private swim lessons with my cousins at my grandmother's pool. We had such a great time together and didn't have to put up with anyone's bs.

Theresa said...

No worries on the swim lessons. We get a refund of our money, so that's good. Unfortunately, I think our pool is too deep to have swim lessons in it.

Charles said...

Deep? Fear is a tremendous motivator.