Thursday, May 6, 2010

He's getting big.

All Grown Up

(and breaking my heart)

P.S. I know some people (*cough* Chuck! *cough*) think that I post too many embarrassing things about my children on this blog. So, I want you all to know that I refrained from posting a pretty embarrassing photo of Luke today.

It was hilarious,
AND even though he is only 6,
AND he and his friends will not see this blog,
AND he was fully clothed,
AND the picture had nothing to do with his private parts . . .
I still thought it was too embarrassing to post.

He can thank me later.


Mom said...

Now my curiosity is peaked.

Theresa said...

If you email me at theberends at msn dot com, I will send you the picture.

The Potters said...

Um, I'm totally emailing you...

lisawitt said...

ha, i want to know too!!