Tuesday, May 18, 2010

His little fettish.

George likes his bottle (sippy cup, but I call it a bottle). He will keep that thing in his mouth while he walks around playing, dancing, chasing the dogs, laying down, watching tv, climbing the stairs (with my supervision), going to the car, walking into school - just about anywhere we let him have it.

If it is empty, we take it away of course. But there is one thing that George will drop his bottle for without a second's hesitation. Can you guess what it is?

Not food.

Not a blanket.

Not a favorite stuffed animal.

Not his mommy.

Not his daddy.

Not Lindsey.

Not his brother.

Not his sister.

Not the dogs.

Not a toy.

Just . . . a toothbrush.


ashley1996 said...

Maggie is the same way. It takes nothing in it fir her to put it down. I am sad we didn't see you on Sat. It was a very fast visit. We will have to go again. I love that zoo!!!

Laura said...

Jack is totally the same way. Being a totally pushy parent, I assume it means he's going to be a dentist. Love those pics of George..he's such a cutie pie.