Thursday, May 6, 2010

Luke and School

Yesterday, like every day, I asked Luke, "How was your day at school?"

His typical answer is a shoulder shrug and the word "Good" or if he is eating he'll just give me a thumbs up signal.

Yesterday was special because I received the following email from his teacher with the subject line simply stating "Luke":

Wow! I just wanted to send you a big compliment on Luke! He has finished his work in a timely manner. I have changed his seating arrangement to the teacher table so there is no one sitting there and he has been able to focus on his work. I’m so proud of him!

To which I responded as follows:

Whew! I saw the subject line and though, "Uh oh."

I'm so pleased to hear that he's doing well. We've been working on it, but he really does seem to do better if there are no distractions around him. Thank you so much for helping him accomplish this goal! And thank you for the update!

So, Luke and I also discussed this little golden nugget of information and he beamed his happiness as he said, "I'm going to finish all my work everyday because Mrs. A is so proud of me when I do."

Me, "I'm proud of you too!"

Luke smugly stated, "Guess what Mom." He paused and I looked up before he continued, "Mrs. A says she's proud of me and the whole rest of the class thinks she's talking to them, but she's really talking to me."

I raised my eyebrows and thought to myself, "Shit! He thinks he's the center of her world. Ugh." Instead of asking more about that, I simply said, "Hmm." Surely it can't hurt to let him continue thinking that Mrs. A only has eyes for him, right?

I changed the subject and asked, "So what did you learn at school today?"

Luke got excited, "Let me tell you, Mom." He prefaces everything like this. "Today we learned about beavers!"

I held my breath, waiting for the punch line.

He continued, "They eat bdoigh."

I squinted my eyes, "They eat what?"

"They eat wood."

I sigh in relief, "Oh." In my head, "Thank God."

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Mom said...

Always love to hear good things about your kids from the teacher.