Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Idyllic Thoughts

I don't know if it is the impending summer or the fact that it is gorgeous outside (and by "gorgeous" I mean rainy and dreary), but I'm really wishing I could be at home with my kids right now. I know they're busy and I tell myself that they don't miss me or want me there, but I can't help that I really want to be there. I want to take them to the zoo and the park and to get ice cream. I'm having one of those sentimental days where work is not my favorite thing to be doing.

I'm picturing myself in a tennis outfit (20 pounds lighter and a total MILF) picking up the kids at school and helping them with their homework. Of course, that is the idyllic view of how I imagine it would be, but in real life I'd be arguing with the kids to get their homework done, stop making a mess, and asking them over and over again whether they remembered to flush the toilet and wash their hands. Still, it sounds pretty perfect right about now. I'd gladly exchange my business suit and high heels for jeans and some tennis shoes.


Mom said...

As you said, that would be the idyllic world.

AttyJenn said...

I totally have those wishes for those days all the time!