Thursday, June 23, 2011

Movie Quote 84

While I was getting my coffee at Starbucks this morning (an addiction I can't break), I was grabbing up my coffee and my keys, and my keys slipped out of my hand in front of a male customer who had just walked into the store. This would usually be no big deal (and it really was) but the way the keys fell looked like I had deliberately tossed them at his feet, when really, it is just a glowing illustration of my severe clumsiness. But, for the barest second I considered that this would be the perfect opportunity for the infamous Bend and Snap. (By the way, I have no idea what the guy looked like, since I only saw his loafer-clad feet, but the thought still crossed my mind). I obviously, did not execute the Bend and Snap, but it amused me that the thought even crossed my mind. Thus, we arrive at Movie Quote 84:

The Bend and Snap! Works every time!

Come on ladies! This movie was released 10 years ago. Can you believe that?!


The Potters said...

It was why I even went to law school! j/k Legally Blond! Yea!

Theresa said...

It came out the summer before I started law school and my best friend Crystal gave me a pink pen with a feather poof on the end with a little pink heart notepad. I loved it!

Lisa said...

oh i love that movie!! you totally should have! ;-)

Angela said...

LOVE that movie and I'm not going to lie - it definitely was a plus in the common for going to law school, LOL