Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Red letter day!

So yesterday was just another day for everyone else in the world, but in our house, it was a day of great celebration because Luke and Evie got bunk beds. I wish I could have captured the excitement involved with this development. The kids were running, jumping, shouting, and acting crazy. It took an hour and a half or more to put the beds together, and the whole family helped. And I mean everyone!

After getting it all put together by 9:50 (at which point the kids were exhausted but hyped up), we put the kids to bed and collapsed, unable to fully restore the room to order. In fact, we still have to put together the trundle for George.

Anyhow, Luke climbed to the top bunk and slept perfectly. Unfortunately, George wanted to be on the top bunk also and Evie was terrified of sleeping in the lower bunk because she thinks the top bunk is going to fall on her.

So, George ended up on the bottom bunk and Evie slept on the floor. After all that work, it looks like Evie may be sleeping in the trundle out of pure terror and the boys will occupy the bunks. That will probably work out just fine since Evie is going to need to move to her own room at some point.

Heavens! I wish I could sleep this comfortably on the floor! Oh, to be young again.


Birdie Pearl said...

Oh how I wish I could sleep like that!

Lisa said...

too cute!

Angie said...

That’s hilarious. Kids are so funny like that. They ask for something or get all excited about something until you give it to them….and they end up “sleeping on the floor”. We’re learning that the hard way.

The other day Rachel fell asleep on the floor and she looked so comfortable that I decided to join her. And nope, I am too old to be sleeping on the floor.

Angela said...

LOL, I knew that George was not going to be left out of the bunk bed situation. :D