Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Unofficial Spokeswoman

Did you know that I'm the self-appointed, unofficial spokeswoman for Smart Barre? Yeah, I realized that when I started getting questions about Smart Barre everywhere I go since I've posted it all over my Facebook page (I'm a freak like that). I'm shocked that anyone would take workout advice from me, but then again if they look at me and see that I actually survived the classes, then I guess I might be the perfect advertisement, aside from the fact that the results haven't shown up on my body yet. Then again, I'm not sure that Allison (the owner and official spokeswoman for Smart Barre) would be too thrilled with this turn of events.

For example, here are some comparison pictures.









I think you get the point.

(And yes, those are all ridiculously terrible pictures of me. I mean, just look at my arm in that last picture - it looks like a thigh!)

Still, it is so much fun! The Smart Barre website says you can see results "in as little as 10 classes." I'm half way there, but it may take more than 10 classes for this body to see results. The classes take place in the Smart Barre studio which is located where Bluebonnet Bakery used to be on Camp Bowie. All you need to do is show up wearing modest workout clothing and socks. Everything else is provided. And then, just follow the leader as Allison or one of her six assistants guides you through small movements that strengthen and tone all parts of your body in one hour (or 30 minutes for the express class). You don't run, jump, or do any other vigorous activity, but you will be sweating and your muscles will be like jello when you leave. It does not require any prior ballet experience although you will hear terms like plié, arabesque, and relevé. All sizes, shapes, and degrees of health can do this workout, and you will be shocked when you leave the first class at how exhausted, sore, and accomplished you feel, even if you're like me and have to take breaks because your legs are shaking like a jackhammer.

My favorite part is the soreness of my body - a good sign that things are really working. My second favorite part is getting to go through the happy misery with my friends. And my third favorite part is getting to actually work out again. What a wonderful gift!

Thank you, Allison, for making this happen!

And to all my readers (all three of you), I'll try to make this my last obsessive post about Smart Barre!


Lisa said...

I think that sound very cool, Theresa! If I was in Ft Worth, I think I would be going with you!

And oh my goodness, your pics just make me chuckle. You are silly and beautiful! ;-)

Jodi Sohrt said...

That does sound cool! I love your blog. You crack me up!

Theresa said...

Thanks girls! Glad you like the blog, Jodi!

Theresa said...

By the way, I'm totally questioning why I never deleted all these pictures in the first place. They're terrible!

ashley1996 said...

Wish I lived closer! I would live to do it. We need to see you guys again soon.

The Potters said...

I am dying laughing right now. Theresa, you are so funny. :) And you're a great unofficial spokesperson! You got me there. ;)

Angie said...

I think it's great that you're so excited about this new's almost enough to make me get off my butt too (almost). :)

Thanks for posting the pictures. You and your beautiful self never fail to make me laugh.

Laura said...

I am so glad you introduced us to Smart Barre. I love it! And you are so right about the first class...afterwards, Andrea felt like we were drunk. We were so exhausted, we thought we were going to fall over.

Angela said...

Your terrible pictures would be the best ones I've ever taken.

We have Pure Barre here, which I'm guessing is very similar. I should check it out!