Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What a Week . . . Already

So, the dentist "wiggled out" Luke's two front bottom teeth. Luke was not pleased. In fact, he was a big baby about it, but I'll let it slide for now, you know, since he's just seven. Still, they gave him gas and numbed up his lip. He didn't feel a thing.

We seriously have the best dentist ever. He was firm yet comforting. Luke even gave him a hug afterward and the dentist gave me a hug too, not that I was emotional or even in need of comforting, but I guess it just comes with the job. Luke and the other two kids got toys and balloon animals afterward because our dentist's office is more like a carnival than a dentist's office. It's way cool.

George was slightly jealous about not getting his teeth looked at while we were there. In fact, he kept mentioning it to people like his Grandma that evening. He would say, "I have loose tooth." I kept reminding him that he didn't, but you know it is difficult to reason with a two year old.

And Evie, well, Evie got to be what looks like a Super Hero, what I thought was a Super Spy, but actually what she told me was a Princess. Who knows. Whatever this is, she is spectacular in it! I have the most awesome little girl!

This is definitely my new favorite picture!

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Angela said...

I am so glad that the kids have a nice dentist. I had a horrible, mean dentist as a child and I was scared of dentists in general for years.

I love George's spunk. :D