Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A clean house

I don't wear perfume everyday, but sometimes it is nice and sometimes I even remember to put it on. Today, I remembered and spritzed on some perfume just before I headed downstairs to feed the kids.

I met George at the top of the stairs and we held hands as we began counting the steps on our way down - a bit of a morning tradition. As we started down the stairs, George announced, "Our house smewls cween!" Translation: "Our house smells clean."

Our house very rarely smells clean, so it only took me a moment to determine that he was probably smelling me. I said, "Oh, I think you're smelling my perfume."

He insisted, "No. Our house smewls cween."

I easily relented, "Okay." But, since I relate a clean house with the smell of Clorox and Windex, I'm not sure smelling like a clean house is exactly the kind of perfume I want to wear.

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