Tuesday, March 20, 2012


There was a ginormous storm that went through the area last night. But before that, the Santa Ana winds blew through and knocked our power out. The winds even knocked down the lamp in our front yard. There were over 23K people in the Metroplex without power.

Turns out, my side of the street went out, but not the other side of the street, or the block behind us. It is so weird. I swear we have weak power lines or something because our side of the street loses power more often than the other side. I can't explain it.

However, I can tell you that my children are bored without electricity. They refused to play with any of their toys and insisted that only "electronics" would make them happy. Seriously?! WTF? When did my kids become "those kids"? They were annoyed that I wouldn't let them play on my iPhone, but the battery was running low and I had no electricity to charge it , and besides, I was using it to see if a tornado was headed our way. They seemed unconvinced by my reasoning.

I tried to tell them to pretend that we lived in the Old West before everyone had electricity and things like television, computers, and video games, but Luke just rolled his eyes and announced, "That's bor-ing." I raised my eyebrows, and responded, "Okay then. Go do whatever you want." Apparently, his desired activity was to continue to whine and complain about how bored he was. He really does have a tough life, right?

So anyway, we all went to bed early -- all of us -- because there was nothing else we could do. More storms predicted for this evening, but I'm crossing my fingers that the power won't go out again.

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Birdie Pearl said...

Kids these days! My kids became "those kids" ages ago. I think Cort needs an AA for video games. Sorry about your power!