Monday, March 19, 2012

It was lovely

Sooooo . . .

you may not have noticed . . .

but . . .

I've been on VACATION!

Yes, it was wonderful. No, I did not want to come back.

We went to this little town in central Texas called Fredericksburg. There are over 30 wineries close by, tons of shopping, lots of cows and goats, and more fresh air than I could gulp! We all had a lovely time sharing a house we rented with some dear friends of ours who have a daughter who fits perfectly into our stair-stepped children.

Chillin' at the Wineries

Playing in the backyard of our rented house included, chasing a dog named Petey, playing with horseshoes, riding on a tire swing, playing in a sandbox, playing soccer, spotting deer, shooting BBs at Diet Coke Cans, building a fire, and roasting marshmallows.

There are so many pictures that I don't have on my iPhone. Yes, I actually took my real camera. Getting the pictures off of it is always a challenge when it comes to my laziness. The pictures of the flowers were beautiful and the kids just had so much fun running around in the fresh open air. And all that fresh air hit them like a brick and they looked like this when they finally crashed each night:

It was a wonderful trip and culminated in a lovely birthday for my sweet hubby yesterday.

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Angie said...

What a neat vacation! Lord knows you all needed some time away to relax and it looks like you had a great time together.