Thursday, March 22, 2012

Surprising Birthday Gift

I actually heard this advertisement on the radio this morning --

If you know someone who is about to turn 50, here's a gift that's sure to surprise--A colonoscopy!

It'd sure surprise the shit outta me! Literally and figuratively. Seriously, if you know someone who is about to turn 50, please, please, please do not get them a colonoscopy.


in my head said...

ya you wouldn't have that friend any more if you got them one of those.

Angie said...

Wow...that was their sales pitch? ouch.

Did you hear about the place out East that is offering free pizza with a Vasectomy during the month of March? Now that's a sales pitch!

Joan said...

It is meant to encourage you to get a colonoscopy. It is the recommendation of the ACS to get your first colonoscopy at age 50. Colonoscopy's have proven to be a great way to catch colon cancer and precancerous lesions. Therefore, prolonging a long and fruitful life. It is not the exam that is hard it is the prep. What a colonic!
Yes, I am an Oncology nurse.