Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Library Card

To earn a Cub Scout belt loop, Chuck took Luke to get his first library card. How exciting! He was sensitive enough to document the process for me while I was at Evie's soccer game. And here you go!

While I was watching this sweet girl ride the pine . . .

Chuck was watching Luke do this . . .

Chuck actually picked this book out. It is called Sammy in the Sky. He had Luke tell me about the story.

Chuck started it with, "Tell Mom what your book is about."

Luke responded with a brief answer, "It's about a boy and he has a dog named Sammy."

Chuck prompted him further, "What happens to the dog?"

Luke answered again, "He gets sick."

I groaned "uh oh" in my mind, and and responded with a dawning realization of doom, "Oh no. That's not good."

Chuck smiled with a wince, but continued to prompt Luke, "How is he sick?"

Luke's sweet voice said, "First he doesn't run as much as he used to. Then he can't walk."

My eyes widened at this part of the story, and I bore my eyes into Chuck.

Chuck shrugged his shoulders and laughed at the situation as he asked, "And then what happens?"

Luke spoke softly, "He dies." For all his craziness, he is a very sweet boy.

I gushed how sad it was and hit Chuck on the shoulder for obvious reasons. I mean, couldn't he have at least glanced at the book before they checked it out?

Soooo . . . my point is that I don't recommend "Sammy in the Sky" as a book unless you're trying to help your kids through the loss of your dog or pet. Geez. Way to go, Chuck.


Angie said...

I bet Luke was super excited to get his card. :)

But, choices...hmmmmmmm....

Joan said...

To each his own, we all have to deal with death eventually, what a sensative way to introduce the subject.