Thursday, March 1, 2012

Luke's First Reconciliation

We are Catholic, in case I haven't mentioned it. I try to stay away from talking about religion and politics, but this is my blog so whatever.

Anyhoo . . . Luke celebrated his first reconciliation (first confession) last night.

I was so emotional, it was pathetic. All of the children they sang the sweetest song during the service. They were all solemn and respectful. There were three priests hearing confession and you could tell that they were kind and patient with each child. My heart almost exploded with the sweetness of it all.

Evie and George were also pretty respectful during the service. They were quiet even if they were a bit restless.

Chuck and I are so proud of Luke. He confessed his sins, which he told us, and which consist mostly of disrespecting his parents. The priest gave him his penance - to do something kind for his mother. Score!

After his confession, he was given this medal.
He is so proud of it and we are so proud of him!

We showed him how proud we are by giving him a silver cross necklace from James Avery. I was worried that he would lose it. It's the nicest thing we've ever given to him, I think. Chuck put it on him and I think we're safe that he won't lose it because he can't take it off.

P.S. My hormones are clearly out of whack because I am tearing up at every little thing, including commercials. Sheesh.


Lisa said...

that is so very sweet to see the children's heart for Jesus! Congratulations to Luke on his first reconciliation!

Carole said...

Good blog. You might enjoy this little poem about mothers.

Angie said...

Wow, congratulations to Luke! What a big step for him (and you guys).

Clarissa said...

I must be hormonal too, because this made me tear up as well. What a special time and what a sweet young man.

Clarissa said...

Sorry, double post :)