Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday Weekend

What a fabulous weekend! Luke and Savannah had their joint birthday party and it was a blast! There were soooo many kids there and I was so thankful that it wasn't at my house. (thanks for hosting, Ms. Chesapeake!) And the best part was that the rain stayed away for the whole party.

Here are pictures of the birthday kids. Aren't they good looking?

This is Luke's Star Wars cake. There's a Darth Vader (sp?) candle on there. He's such a boy!

This is the Lilo & Stitch cake (to match the bounce houses and the invitations):

We drank wine and beer and ordered pizza after most of the crew had left. It was a lot of fun. We finally packed up everything and headed home around 9:00. But, I had promised Luke that he could open his presents when we got home so we spent the next half hour tearing into all of the gifts people so generously bestowed upon the ungrateful (but greedy) five year old. And all I could think was, "damn, that's a lot of thank you notes I have to write!" And to top it off, I'm making him participate in the thank you note process which will probably make it take three times as long to complete.

So, Ms. Chesapeake (aka the hostess, Savannah mom, and the obgyn I always mention) had her coworkers and their children over to the party as well. Well, Ms. Chesapeake actually works with my own obgyn so my fantastic doctor was there and generously brought a present for Luke. She wanted him to open it before she left so I said it was okay. First, though, I asked Luke if he knew who she was. He said unabashedly, "no," of course. I rolled my eyes and introduced her to him and explained that she helped him come out of my tummy when he was a baby and that she helped get George and Evie out of my tummy too. He seemed unimpressed, so I went on to explain that she was the first person that Luke ever saw in his whole life. Again, he seemed unimpressed and was itching to open his present. Finally, I rolled my eyes and mumbled something about, "how the doctor was pretty special in my book, but whatever . . . " and then I told him he could open his present. As he opened it the doctor said, "Now, you're going to get a lot of fun presents, so this will probably be the boringest present you get." He opened it up and it was the cutest little sock money shirt from a little boutique shop in town that everyone loves. I gushed (of course) and Luke looked at it and said (and I'm not exagerating in the least), "That is the boringest present!" My face turned red, and I cringed and said, "Oh, my God, I'm soooo sorry." The doctor laughed and I died. Of course, it was pretty funny and she did feed him that line because I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have said that on his own. Don't get me wrong, he certainly wouldn't have jumped for joy about a t-shirt with a sock monkey on it, but at least he wouldn't have been flat out rude. Anyway, it is done, and I told the story all night. I'm not sure why I decided to keep reliving the embarassment, but geez, I did.

So, all in all a great party, and we continued on the tradition of our precious children sharing their birthdays. I don't know how much longer that will last, because that was a lot of kids, and Luke and Savannah have diverging interests, but for now, I'll be grateful that they are still such good friends.

Here are just some of the pictures of them growing up together:
First Birthday:

Halloween 2005:

Halloween 2006:
Halloween 2007:
Christmas 2007:

4th Birthday 2008:
Evie's Birthday 2008:

Halloween 2008:


Stacey said...

That is too dang precious. I hope they are friends forever. I cannot believe how many kiddos were there! Looks so fun, sorry I missed, but so glad Eli and Aaron got to partake....they had a blast.

lisawitt said...

oh my gosh, that is so sweet! I totally hope they get married so you can use all these precious pics in their rehearsal dinner slide show! ;-)