Friday, April 3, 2009

Soccer Pictures

A friend of ours has a kid that plays soccer in the same league as Luke but on a different team. Our friend is a photographer in his spare time so he always has a camera with him. We played against them and he was generous enough to take a bunch of pics of Luke and post them on his website. Here's a link if you want to see all of them, but the majority are below:

A real action shot.

Luke's usual pace on the soccer field:

Luke was complaining that his shirt was scratching him. You can see a sign behind him that says "Way to Go Luke." I made this for his first game and he INSISTS that I bring it to every game. You can also see our stroller with George, a bag full of snacks, and a case of water for the kids. I was a little loaded down that day, but Chuck was with us so that helped.

And my favorite - Luke, assuming the natural male position.


Amy said...

He looks kinda short in the first picture.

Theresa said...

He's 4 - he is short.