Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cool jobs

Two of my friends have the coolest jobs. One is an obgyn - Patty - and I've talked about her before. Seriously, how cool would it be to help bring little, teeny, weeny babies into the world? It's such a miracle. I don't know how she doesn't cry or throw up every time she sees that. I think I would do both. Still, it is totally cool. Plus, people call her "Doctor." Awesome.

My friend Em is in the marketing department at Pier 1 and her job sounds totally awesome too! She's always telling us stories about things they do at work. Marketing brainstorming sessions and parts of the trade that I would have never considered. It is amazing that she's probably going to start working on Halloween stuff sometime soon since they have to be prepared ahead of the season. She talks about how their international wicker orders might be delayed by a drought or heavy rains. It is amazing. And then, yesterday, she emailed to say that they were shooting a commercial at our local Pier 1 - and they were using an elephant. She even sent a picture.

Good thing, I don't have a picture of Patty in action - childbirth is beautiful, but disgusting (to me).

This just brings into focus the fact that my job is oh, so dull. But that's okay, because in some weird way, I help people. They may be people with money, but they have problems too, right? Sadly, there is nothing that I can hold up at the end of the day and say, "Look at this, I did this." Patty, on the other hand, can point to tons of babies and say that she delivered them into this world. And Em can point to tons of marketing products and say, "Look at this. I did that." So cool.


Joan said...

I think your job is pretty cool. You do have proof of your actions in legal briefs and files. Me, all I've got is an empty bag hanging on a pole.
We all do important things even is you are the cleaning lady or trash man. Imagine what our world would be like without each person who contributes to it. I could not be the accountant, or banker, or lawyer. But others cannot be the snot monitor, puke cleaner, blood sucker that those in the medical field are.
Some of us have the insane job of trying to teach the students who come to school acting brain dead and with absolutely no thought in their brains.
Or the bus driver or taxi driver dealing with the irritable impatient riders.
How about that grocery clerk who checks you out and has to deal with you when she missed the coupon for money off of your final tab.
The waitress who works breakfast with the zombies coming in pre-caffiene - She is a saint!
And of course the Shipley donut guy who has to make the donuts when we are all sleeping.
We all have really cool jobs if we just take a moment to appreciate what we add to the world!

Theresa said...

Thanks, big sister!

Emily said...

Hey look ma!
Does this mean I'm famous - now that my (very unflattering picture) is on your blog? :)

Thanks for the shout out. I feel so special. :)

Theresa said...

Whatever, I think you look great!